Trailed Tri-till

Standard features include

  • Hydraulic auto reset legs (max 380mm deep)
  • Choice of wings 150mm to 360mm wide
  • 2 rows of 510 discs with individual rubber mounting
  • 2 rows of 600mm DD rings
  • Side skirts
  • LED Road lights
  • Toolbox


  • Hydraulic level Board
  • Front depth wheels for increased control on undulating terrain
  • 1 row of 700mm DD rings in lieu of 2 rows of 600mm
  • Steel roller in lieu of DD
  • Shearbolt legs in lieu of auto-reset
  • Single row of 600mm diameter discs at front of machine(not available on 5 & 6m machines)
  • Following harrow
  • Hydraulic disc depth Control
  • Hydraulic Markers
  • Broadcast kit for small seeds
  • Extra sub-soil legs if required


Width (m) Folding Weight approx kg Min HP approx* No. of subsoil legs
3 No 4,500 170 5
3.6 Yes 5,900 225 5
4.2 Yes 7,150 270 7
5 Yes 8,250 320 7

Prices available on request
* With legs 9" (230mm) deep

Like the Quad-Till, the Tri-Till has been developed to achieve a one pass cultivation system to reduce establishment costs.


a 4.2m Tri Till Extra

3.5m Tri-Till 5m Tri-Till

3.5m (above left) and 5m (above right) Trailed Tri-till


4.2m trailed tri-till extra with level board

3 metre trailed, 5 leg auto reset, 2 rows 510 discs with hydraulic depth control
1 row 600mm dd roller and linkage mounted towing frame

3.5m Tri-till 3.5m Tri-till

3.5m Trailed Tri-Till Extra Disc

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