All trailers can be equipped with

  • A choice of air or oil brakes
  • Tyres of your choice
  • Sprung axles and drawbar
  • 6, 8, or 10 stud axles
  • Full commercial specification
  • Front and back bale racks
  • Various strap boxes
  • Different track widths to suit row crop work
  • Loading ramps

Approximate deck height

Wheel size Deck height (mm)
12.5/80 x 15.3 1020
435/50 x 19.5 1040
385/65 x 22.5 1220
560/45 x 22.5 1240
560/65 x 22.5 1440

A full range of flat trailers are available as balanced drawbar, artic and low loaders.

37 TRI-AXLE TRAILER with bale securing system

quad-till quad-till quad-till quad-till quad-till quad-till

37 Tri-Axle Trailer with bale securing system, This trailer will carry either 24 full size Heston bales or 40 quadrants, 3 x 10 stud commercial axles, (420x180 brakes), 18T capacity, Air/Hydraulic brakes, Raised edges, Chequer plate floor, Rope hooks, Strap box, Fully enclosed LED road lights in solid bumper with flashing light, Load securing rails at both sides with posts set in 1 bale from each end, Load securing system will work off 2 spool valves so you can lower left or right, 435/50 x 19.5 wheels (approx. 1040mm deck height), Sprung drawbar, Schamuler 80mm spoon

32 ft flat trailer

32 foot flat trailer c/w sprung drawbar and air/oil brakes

28 ft flat trailer

28 foot trailer with hydraulic raise/lower optional potato step

25 foot flat trailer complete with tilting bed, pull out ramps, sprung draw bar and 340x18 Michelin wheels

33 FLAT TRAILER with hydraulic Beavertail

quad-till quad-till quad-till quad-till quad-till quad-till quad-till

33 Flat Trailer features 3 x 10 stud commercial axles with 420 x 180 brakes. 435/50 x 19.5 wheels. Air/hydraulic brakes. 18T capacity. 15 headboard. Chequer plate floor. Rope hooks. 2 x strap boxes. Fully enclosed LED road lights in solid bumper. Flashing light. Hydraulic beavertail. Ajustable height tow eye. Sprung drawbar. Orange side marker lamps. Manual ramps stored under trailer. Channel sides with chain points approx every 4 feet and rope hooks every foot.

32 Flat Trailer, 8 2 wide, 16T capacity. Complete with, 10 stud twin commercial axles, 385x22.5 wheels, 15 headboard, Raised edges, Flashing light, Chequer plate floor, Rope hooks, Mesh strap tray, Fully enclosed road lights in solid bumper, Beavertail, Hydraulic ramps and Loose bale wedge.

32, 16 tonne capacity, Flat Trailers, 72 wheel track. Complete with new commercial 10 stud axles, 560/45x22.5 Vredestein wheels, Hydraulic potato step with mesh, Air & Hydraulic brakes, Sprung Drawbar, Flashing light, Strap tray, Rope Hooks, Chequer Plate floor, 15 headboard and Easy sheet.

3 axle trailer

37 tri axle with commercial axles, air brakes, sprung draw bar and front & back bale ladder.

Artic Conversions and Articulated Trailers

35 foot trailer split artic conversion

Low Loaders

low loader low loader

Fertiliser/Seed Trailers

32 foot HIAB trailer.

crane trailer

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