4.6m philip watkins trailed press

Trailed Presses

Standard features include

  • 3 rows of genuine Kongskilde vibro-flex tines
  • Heavy duty hydraulic level board
  • 10 stud transport axle
  • 2 rows interlocking 600mm Simba DD rings
  • Full LED road lighting
  • Toolbox


  • Front depth wheels for increased control on undulating terrain
  • Quick fit knock on points
  • Single row of 700mm DD rings in lieu of 600mm
  • Rear drawbar and pipework
  • Work lights
  • Small seed broadcaster kit
  • Adjustable pitch on DD rings
  • Following Harrow
  • Electric Depth stop for precise control


Width (m) Folding Weight approx kg Min HP
Wheels Tracks
2.5 No 3,350 100 90
3.0 No 3,950 120 105
3.3 No 4,250 132 115
4 Yes 5,800 160 140
4.6 Yes 6,950 184 161
5 Yes 7,500 200 175
6.6 Yes 10,000 264 231
7 Yes 10,500 280 245
8 Yes 12,000 320 280

Prices available on request

Available from just 1 row of rings to tow behind discs to a fully independent machine to work stubble or ploughing

philip watkins trailed press

philip watkins trailed press

New 2014 4.6m Trailed Press - with 4.6m Trailed Press, Hydraulic Folding, 2 Rows of VF Tines, Drawbar Ram, Hydraulic Level Board, 2 Rows of 600mm DD Rings, Floatation Transport Wheels, Hydraulic Brakes, LED Lights, Toolbox

8 metre trailed press. Standard specification

7.6m press 7.6m press

7.6m trailed press with broadcaster either at front or back of DD rings plus towing point and quick release couplings at rear. Shown folded(left) and un-folded (right)

Trailed press Trailed press

7 metre single ring press with eradicator tines and hydraulically adjustable level board. Shown on the right with optional leading tines

Trailed press Trailed press

Above left - 3 metre trailed press with stars. Above right - 5 metre trailed press (single row of 700 DD rings) c/w the following optional extras - seed broadcaster, following harrow and markers

Compact Trailed Presses

Trailed press Trailed press

Above left - 3 metre Compact trailed press. Above right - 4m hydraulic folding machine complete with 3 rows of Vibroflex tines, hydraulic level board and 2 rows of DD rings

Tyre Presses

6.2metre tyre press with hydraulic fold, road lights, 1040mm diameter press, long drawbar to tow behind another machine, low weight on drawbar both in work and transport, 620/45x22.5 wheels and hydraulic brakes

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