rape tri-till in action

Rape Tri-till

Standard features include

  • Hydraulic auto reset legs @ 600mm spacing (max 380mm deep)
  • Choice of wings 100mm to 360mm wide
  • Pairs of 460mm diameter wavey discs with individual rubber mounting
  • Drilling Coulter with 8 A Share and Splitter to spread in 4 band
  • Following Harrow
  • 600mm DD roller
  • Stocks Turbo Jet Wizard
  • LED Road lights
  • Toolbox


  • Hydraulic disc depth control
  • Hydraulic marker arms
  • Steel roller in lieu of DD rings
  • Rear drawbar
  • Trailed Tyre Roller
  • Slug Pellet Applicator
  • Granular or Liquid Fertiliser Application



Width (m) Folding Weight approx kg Min HP approx* No. of subsoil legs
2.4 No 2,100 140 4
3.0 No 2,600 160 5
3.6 No 3,000 190 6
3.6 Yes 3,500 215 6

Width (m) Folding Weight approx kg Min HP approx* No. of subsoil legs
4.2 Yes 189 7
4.8 Yes 216 8
5.4 Yes 243 9
6 Yes 270 10

Prices available on request
*With legs 9" (230mm) deep

Newly introduced is the Rape Tri-Till (available 2.4m to 6m) - expanding the versatility of the Tri-Till by offering customers the opportunity to carry out one-pass oilseed rape establishment with this combination. Changing the standard cultivation elements for wavy discs, which follow the low disturbance legs, allows the Tri-Till to accommodate Kongskilde Vibro-flex tines and band sowing coulters, fed by a Stocks Turbo Jet small seeds drill. At 600mm centres, the coulters create a 120mm band into which seed is placed. A following harrow and DD press roll work behind, after which comes a trailed, rubber-tyred press, which can be equipped with a slug pellet applicator.

3m Rape Tri-Till

rape tri-till rape tri-till

crop of oilseed rape

15th April 2014

crop of oilseed rape

crop of oilseed rape

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